Bally Balat — About 60% of former BBNaija housemates have gone into depression (Video)

Bally Balat
Bobai Balat a.k.a Bally Balat

Bally Balat, one of the former Big Brother Nigeria housemate had stated that about 60 per cent of his co-reality show stars are going into depression due to pressure.

Bally stated this in an interview with Ndani TV.

The former housemate participated in the 2017 Edition of the reality show that Efe won.

According to Bally Balat, not everyone can take in the pressure the reality show comes with.

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He said;

“Going for the show is not easy. I keep telling people that the pressure involved in the show is not for everybody. Not everyone can survive it

“I might be wrong, but I will say maybe 60 per cent of housemates have gone into depression.

“They might not be in depression now but they have gone through it one time. There is so much pressure.

“For example, you come out of the house and everybody loves you. You have access to something and your life is glamorous and then you go into the next phase and realize that all those were not real and it was just a part-time thing.

“The real life is setting in and as they announced the next audition, things are moving and you enter the deep state where you are forgotten. I am sure a lot of housemates have gone through these.”


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