Bobrisky dressed as a man at his father’s birthday.

Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, Known as Bobrisky (Pics credit: EveryEvery Ng)

Bobrisky trends online after videos of him dressed as a man to his father’s birthday celebration went viral. This has led many Nigerians to react to the video and pictures of trending online.

The controversial cross-dresser and socialite is seen slip on a Jalamia and a face cap as he toke snaps with guests and family members at his dad’s birthday party.

People are stunned that the womanish is seemingly a whole different person from his regular feminine self when it comes to his father.

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Some of the reactions from Nigerians are stated below.

“Bob Papa: Na idris I born, no be Bobrisky. 🙂 😆 D guy even get beard

“Bob has boobs’ ‘Bob has boobs’ Sebi all of you can now see that it’s all film trick?This Bobrisky matter shock me ooo where the breast na? 🙂 🙂 Why he no carry Snapchat go there sef 😡 😡

“What if Bobrisky is eating the work of Tonto Dikeh in the eye of the carlton.”

“Bobrisky na convertible, he showed up as Idris not Shedris.” 😆

“That bobrisky girl she’s fucking clown she took away her boobs ,nails and transgender back to he because he knew him papa born Idris not bob.”

If bob was in America, he could have come out with all those boobs and stuffs but this is Nigeria. If a Nigerian father should slap you… Your life will turn around. He was just being diplomatic.”

One social media user also wrote; all I see is respect Bob has got maximum respect for his dad!


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