Ikorodu Bois show off their own ‘Ferraris’ (Photo)

Ikorodu Bois show off their own 'Ferraris' (Photo)
Ikorodu Bois

Ikorodu Bois recreated the photos DJ Cuppy shared on her Instagram page announcing the new Ferraris her father bought for her and her sisters.

The boys known to recreate epic movie scenes also decided to recreate the Otedolas’ daughters Ferrari.

They got three wheelbarrows and coloured each one after each of the Otedola daughters’ cars. They added a sample of the Ferrari logo to the wheelbarrows then posed in front of it while wearing wigs in pink (to represent Cuppy) and black (as Temi Otedola).

On their Instagram page, they shared the photo and captioned it as: “Papa took us shopping and bought one of each”.

However, DJ Cuppy reacted to the photo, “NO. YOU. DID. NOT. 😭”

Ikorodu Bois reacted: “Wanna race?”

Ikorodu Bois show off their own 'Ferraris' (Photo)


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