See reactions as Bobrisky announce she’s pregnant

Bobrisky, pregnant
Photo credit: Instagram

Earlier today, Bobrisky took to her Instagram page to announce that she’s two weeks pregnant and that she can’t hide the joy any longer.

The announce came rather surprising to many social media users who has since been reacting to the controversial Bobrisky.

Someone wrote on Twitter: “Bobrisky says she’s 2 weeks pregnant. That’s not the problem. The actual problem is when the water breaks, where will it come out from? 2020 certainly isn’t done with us yet.”

Another person wrote: “Wonders shall never end. Bobrisky is pregnant This year is just an entanglement #coronavaccine“.

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More reactions below…

Dennis Dero Jr. @MiLdrops
Did Bobrisky really have Toto Cos that area flat #BBnaija
That nigga dey try oh packaging Himself all this while oga oh

Goodness and Mercy
Bobrisky will do anything to be famous and stay famous y’all keep sharing his content to insult him but he is getting that clout and attention he solely desires.

Apathetic President™
When I see Toto trending. Me: Father lord, na so this night wan end #BBNaija Bobrisky

The Architect Blogger
2020 in a nutshell
1. Coronavirus Hits the World
2. EFCC the hunter can be the hunted 3. Coronavirus claims lives of Top Nigerians
4. Hushpuppi is Arrested for Fraud
5. Bobrisky becomes pregnant Are we not in the End times? Angel Gabriel what are you waiting for?

The last act to confirm that 2020 was never meant for mere mortals.We can officially delete 2020 from our calendar until bobrisky gives both through natural process.

The moment everyone stop giving Bobrisky the attention he wants i bet the dude is going to come out with his balls

Owopetu Mojoyinola
Bobrisky impregnated the she in him She’s so happy he’s going to be a mother I hope she ends up a good father though

machine gun Kele
Bobrisky is the best content creator in the world and I am fully ready to fight about this.


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