CPAC attendees wants former president Trump to run for office in 2024

Former President Trump is being regarded as a hero at the ongoing Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). This was revealed by Fox Nation contributor Tomi Lahren when she appeared on “America Reports.”

“The message here is very clear. People love Donald Trump,” Lahren said as she¬† recounted her experience at the annual event.

The CPAC event started on Thursday and will run through Sunday in Orlando. So far, the event has a lineup of high-profile GOP big wigs, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, actor Jon Voight and Trump himself.

Trump is expected to give the closing speech at the convention on Sunday afternoon – his first major public political appearance since leaving Washington last month.

According to Lahren, Trump’s second impeachment and the Capitol insurrection have not deterred the right-wing CPAC attendees from supporting the former president.

“They want him to announce that he is going to run in 2024,” Lahren said. “People are excited about freedom and tired of the lockdowns, the shutdowns and the infringements.”

The CPAC crowd is looking to Trump for “a lot of guidance and a lot of inspiration,” she added, claiming that support for Trump’s most vocal Republican critics, who haven’t been given any speaking time, among CPAC attendees is minimal.

“There’s not a Liz Cheney hat in sight, but a whole lot of MAGA hats here,” she noted.

The Hill


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