Armed forces Remembrance Day: Bashir Ahmad deletes tweet were he gave reasons why the pigeons refused to fly

Bashir Ahmad, President Buhari’s Personal Assistant on New Media, has shared a photo of the white pigeons flying out of the cage during the Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration in Abuja yesterday, January 15.

Recall that earlier at the celebration which held at the National Arcade, Eagle Square, Abuja, the white pigeons at the celebration ground refused to fly when the President set them free during the ceremony.

The incident had Nigerians took to social media to react.

In an apparent attempt to counter the opinions of many, Bashir Ahmad, had to share a photo of the pigeons flying out of the cage.


However, while responding to a now-deleted Tweet, Bashir also gave an explanation of why the Pigeons did not fly at first during the Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration and what happened to the pigeons.

Armed Forces Remembrance Day


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