Ilaro Polytechnic SUG President Threatens Suicide

Ilaro Polytechnic

Adegboye Emmanuel Olatunji, President of Students Union Government of Ilaro Polytechnic, Ogun State, has threatened to commit suicide after he was arrested and for allegedly being a member of a cult group.

Olatunji and one Olarewaju Taiwo were on February 11 arrested by men of the Ogun State Police Command for cult related cases.

In a suicide note posted on his Facebook page, the student Union President of Ilaro Polytechnic lamented that he was being falsely accused simply because he raised the alarm over financial impropriety of the school’s administration and for calling out anti-student policies.

He equally expressed his disappointment and wondered why no one had come to rescue him from the alleged trumped-up charges by the police.

Read his suicide note below…

“Glory be to God for this is probably the last breathe in my nostrils, no matter how faint it may seem. More importantly, this may be the last thing I write since my hope to write statement of accounts, proffer economic solutions to Nigeria’s financial problems has been dashed and shattered by the powers that be. I accepted to study Banking and Finance to fulfill my dreams but all I live to write now is suicide note.

“I was arrested on the 9th of February, 2020 and got transferred to the Nigeria Police Force Headquarters, Eleweran, Ogun State. I was detained for 144 hours before being charged to court finally on the 17th of February, 2020.

“It’s being 114 days now since my case got adjourned, and to my utmost dismay, no individual or group has done anything to revamp my hope.

“They say if you are silent in the days of adversity, you have taken the side of the oppressor. Now the question is, Who is raising a voice in my favour?

“Is it a crime to stand against the annihilation of the management against the students that gave me a mandate to defend their interest?

“Is it a crime for me to object the hike in accommodation price in the interest of striving for Nigerian students?

“Is it a crime for me to send a red signal to the management in their quest to increase school fees, while pointing them to other means of IGR to execute their projects?

“Let no one mourn me when I finally pass on into the luminary realm, for when I needed the support of activists, comrades, stakeholders, and sane individuals in the society to make me sail this trying time, no one, I mean no one was seen.”

However, Vanguard spoke with the Ogun State Police Command spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi, who reacted to the suicide note by accusing the Ilaro Polytechnic SUG President of trying to whip up sentiments, and stated that it is not the business of the police if he commits suicide or not.

He said, “That Olatunji wants to commit suicide is not the police business. It is none of our business.

“Olatunji was arrested for alleged cultism, he has been charged to court and the case is still in court. So, if he says he is innocent, he should go and defend himself in court.

“Anybody that wants to kill himself doesn’t need to tell everybody about it.

“He is only trying to whip up sentiment, unnecessary sentiment at that. He has been charged to court, so let him prove his innocence in court.”


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