‘Governance is not magic’, Fashola tells Nigerians

Fashola tells Nigerians
Babatunde Fashola, Federal Minister of Works and Housing of Nigeria

Babatunde Fashola, the Minister of Works and Housing, and past Lagos State governor has said that many Nigerians think governance is magic and a such expect “magic results” from the Federal Government.

He stated this in an interview on Channels Television as he responded to a question about his performances as a minister and former governor.

According to him, many Nigerians don’t know the difference between the projects to be executed by the federal, states, and local governments.

Fashola added that it is the responsibilities of the state and local governments to provide the basic infrastructures that are being agitated for like primary healthcare, primary education, and so on.

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Read his statement below;

“The government that can transform and give us what we want quickly are the government closest to us – state and local government.

“Looking for the Federal Government or a magic President is why we seem to have been disappointed. We are looking for the results in the wrong place.

“Governance is not magic. It is the act of the possible and our responsibility is to always project hope.

“Perhaps those who feel that way (disappointed) should be made to realize that what we expect of the Nigerian Federal government lies more with the state government and the local government – some of the most basic things.

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“What we should do is to focus on the government that is closest to us. I will urge people to go and read the constitution, the powers the President has are about 45, many of them are categorized as power but they are even functions and duties.”


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