Ika North East Local govt council called out over a truck in the middle of road for over 2 weeks

A Nigerian man, Hyacinth Okenyehike on Friday, March 12, called out authorities of the Ika North East LG council in Delta State over a broken down truck that has been in the middle of a road for two weeks.

According to Okenyehike, there are no safety cone, C-caution, reflective warning tape to remind drivers about the broken down vehicle.

“This truck has been on this spot (Efeizomor by Cemetry Street) for over two weeks now. Will Ika North East LG council say they are not aware of this development? No safety cone, C-caution, reflective warning tape, nothing. Until this truck kills somebody before they will act?,” he wrote.

“Campaign here, campaign there, collect shop rent, wrong parking, just to mention a few is all they are after. Clear drains, zero, repair bad road portions, zero, REMOVE A BROKEN DOWN VEHILE FROM THE ROAD, ZERO…..What is their use? Is this Buhari again? No offence”


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