LIVE UPDATES: Edo Guber Election 2020

The two contenders in Edo State Guber Election


Total results announced so far

A total of election results announced so far:

APC – 156,240

PDP – 236,735

Governor Godwin Obaseki is leading after results from 13 Local Government Areas with a difference of 80,495 votes


BREAKING: Results From Seven LGAs Announced, Obaseki wins Five, Ize-Iyamu wins Two

Results from seven of the 18 Local Governments in Edo State have been announced so far.

Governor Godwin Obaseki of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leads wins 5 LGA over his closest contender, Osagie Ize-Iyamu of the All Progressives Congress with 2 LGA.

Obaseki wins in his Polling Unit

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has won his polling unit in the ongoing governorship election in the state.

Voting at Polling Unit 19, Ward 4, Oredo LGA PDP: 184 votes, APC: 62 votes.

In unit 21, PDP: 53 votes, APC: 33 votes.

In unit 22, PDP: 70 votes, APC: 65 votes.

In Unit 23, PDP: 101 votes, APC: 32 votes.

In Unit 24, PDP: 94 votes, APC: 50 votes.

In unit 25, PDP: 33 votes, APC: 22 votes.

Polling Unit 01, Ward 2, Oredo Local Government Area

PDP Wins Oyegun’s Polling Unit

Counting of election results have commenced in Edo Governorship Election

RESULT: Ward 2, Igwobazua Ovia-Southwest

APC: 1088

PDP: 1071

RESULT: Ward 10, Esan North-East LGA

Total number of registered voters: 8997

Accredited voters: 2147

AA: 1

ADC: 6

ADP: 7

APC: 827


APM: 0

APP: 0

LP: 0


NRM: 4

PDP: 1257

SDP: 4

YPP: 0

ZLP: 1

Total Valid Votes: 2107

Rejected Votes: 38

Total Votes Cast: 2145

RESULT: Ward 2 Idigun/Idumedo In Igueben Local Government

No of reg voters – 5266

No of accredited voters – 1330

Total valid votes – 1310

Rejected votes – 20

Total votes cast – 1330

ADC – 5

ADP – 7

APC – 503

LP – 1

NRM – 2

PDP  – 790

SDP – 1

ZLP – 1

RESULT OF POLL: Idunmuonga Primary School, Polling Unit 010, Ugbeka Ward 013

APC: 43

PDP: 46

RESULT: Idunmuonga Primary School, Polling Unit 010, Ugbeka Ward 013

APC: 43

PDP: 46

RESULT: Elara Primary School, Idunmunlaoha II, Ward 02, Polling Unit 02

APC: 69

PDP: 75

RESULT: Abiokunla 1, Polling Unit 012, Ewuare P/S, Ogan 1,  Orhionwmwon LG

APC: 94

PDP: 79

RESULT: Amegor Primary School Unit 2, Voting Point 1

APC: 5

PDP: 89

Amegor Primary School Unit 3, Voting Point 2

SDP: 1

ADP: 3

APC: 26

PDP: 66

Void: 1

Amegor Primary School Unit 1, Voting Point 1

APC: 53

PDP: 74

Void: 6

Voting Stopped At Egor LGA Due To Non-functional Card Readers

Voting has been put on hold at some polling units in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State due to non-functional smart card readers.

Some of the affected voters blamed the Independent National Electoral Commission for being unable to exercise their franchise.

Some of the polling units affected are Amegor School (Unit 4 and 5), Uwuelu Secondary School (Unit 5) both in Egor Local Government Area.

A disappointed voter said the polling officers asked him to wait for another smart card reader to be brought from the headquarters of INEC in the state.

“When I got here, the officer said the card reader was not working.

“He said he has informed them at the headquarters in Benin and I should wait.

“Election is almost over and many of us are still unable to cast our votes,” he said.

Another woman, who was also affected, said voters were patiently expecting the replacement of the faulty card readers.

“We have been waiting. They said card reader is not working but they have informed the technical unit at the INEC office.

“We hope the INEC officials will get here on time so we can vote,” she said.

Confirming the difficulties posed by the card readers, a presiding officer, who pleaded anonymity, said they resorted to use manual accreditation for some of the voters.

“People voted manually but we are still hoping to get a backup card reader from INEC so that others can vote before the election ends,” she said.

Electoral Malpractice

PDP party agent is seen standing close to polling booth to ensure electorate vote for his party.

BREAKING: Obaseki expresses disappointed in INEC

Edo State governor, Godwin Obaseki, has expressed disappointment over the conduct of the ongoing governorship election by the Independent National Electoral Commission in the state.

Obaseki spoke with journalists shortly after casting his vote at Polling Unit 19, Ward 4, Oredo Local Government Area, said he stayed for over one and half hour on the queue because the card reader was slow.

The governor said he expected better planning by the electoral commission.

“I expected that INEC would have prepared better for this election. I waited for one and half hour on the queue before exercising my franchise, it’s a bit disappointing.

“Giving that this is a sole day election, I expected better planning for this election. Card readers were very slow and that’s the situation everywhere.”

PHOTOS: Obaseki Votes At His Polling Unit

Violence erupts at Obaseki’s polling unit as #EdoDecides

According to reports, thugs of Gov. Obaseki and the Peoples Democratic Party chase other party agents away from the polling unit where Obaseki is to vote.

The governor, who is on the queue watches on as his thugs carry out the acts.

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Oshiomhole on the Queue at Polling Unit

Former National Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole,  on the queue to cast his vote at his Iyamho Primary School, Polling Unit 001 Ward 10 in Etsako West local government area. PHOTO: Nseobong Okon-Ekong

Live updates

#EdoDecides2020 Facts and Figures

Registered Voters: 2,210,534

Men: 1,159,325

Women: 1,052,209

Collected PVCs: 1,726,738

Uncollected PVCs: 483,796

Registered voters by L.G.A

Edo South
Registered voters 313,553;
PVCs collected 240,197

Registered voters 315,410;
PVCs collected 214,822

Registered voters 219,832;
PVCs collected 158,817

Ovia Northeast:
Registered voters 143,009;
PVCs collected 113,167

Ovia Southwest:
Registered voters 96,409;
PVCs collected 77,468

Registered voters 118,672;
PVCs collected 102,739

Registered voters 74,529;
PVCs collected 57,290

Edo North
Etsako West:
Registered voters 160,137;
PVCs collected 128,188

Etsako East:
Registered voters 81,639;
PVCs collected 67,715

Etsako Central:
Registered voters 84,245;
PVCs collected 42,042

Akoko Edo:
Registered voters 119,254;
PVCs collected 115,343

Owan West:
Registered voters 61,193;
PVCs collected 46,245

Owan East:
Registered voters 91,841;
PVCs collected 77,827

Edo Central
Esan West:
Registered voters 99,983;
PVCs collected 83,467

Esan Central:
Registered voters 50,058;
PVCs collected 42,042

Esan Northeast:
Registered voters 84,245;
PVCs collected 66,790

Esan Southeast:
Registered voters 76,842;
PVCs collected 58,802

Registered voters 46,828;
PVCs collected 34,988




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