NIN to be made compulsory for voter registration, INEC disclose

NIN to be made compulsory for voter registration, INEC disclose

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is planning on making the National Identity Number (NIN) a necessity for voters registration as reported by The PUNCH.

The plan was disclosed by a commissioner at INEC in an interview with the newspaper on Tuesday, January 19.

According to him, the NIN would help tackle underage voting challenges, alien voting and other challenges associated with registration.

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However, the national commissioner remains anonymous because he was not authorised to comment on the plan pending when a final decision is reached.

The INEC official explained that the permanent voter card was only supposed to be in use for a maximum of 10 years, adding that most countries rely on a national database and not the Permanent Voter Card for voting.

He said, “The NIN is the ideal. When we want to begin the continuous voter registration, we may consider it because a national identity card should be used for voting. When the PVC was introduced, it was meant to be in use for ten years, and the assumption was that within those ten years, the national identity card would be in use by a majority of Nigerians.

“I can tell you that the NIN will be one of the preconditions for registration when the CVR starts. We are trying to harmonise all databases.”


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