OPINION: Trump’s COVID-19 and the effect on public health

COVID-19 and the effect on public health
President Donald J. Trump

The world was stunned today of the news of President Trump’s positive test for COVID-19.

The diagnosis of Trump contracting the virus should sound the alarm to some who still believe that the pandemic is over.

It shows to me that nothing has actually changed. Till now, there is no vaccine, no cure, and coronavirus respects nobody and has no boundaries.

Therefore, it is pertinent we continue to be vigilant, maintain social distancing, wear a mask, disinfect our environment and wash our hands.

We must always follow up with the guidelines being listed out by public health professionals — and prioritizing prevention.

We must value our lives and respect one another’s interests. We should renew our commitment to keeping ourselves and those we love safe.

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Our government should intensify testing and coronavirus cases need to be attended to immediately.

Moreover, schools are now been reopened, everything are coming back to the way it used to be before the lockdown. And this coronavirus is spreading rapidly in young adults.

Therefore, we must not flaunt public health precautions. We must obey the rules. We must take responsibility for our safety while calling on God for eradication of the disease.

Stay safe Nigeria! Stay safe World!! Together we will defeat the Coronavirus!!!

My prayers are with the Trump family 🙏🏻


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