Police officers rescued baby dumped in a dustbin

police officers
Men of the Nigerian Police Force

Bright Oris, a Nigerian doctor, yesterday shared the heartwarming videos and photos of a newborn baby girl who was rescued by police officers found dumped inside of a dustbin and rushed to the hospital where he works.

According to Dr. Oris, the police officers attached to the Niger state police command, heard the cry of a baby in the dustbin, and traced to rescue her. They immediately rushed her to the hospital in the trunk of their vehicle to receive medical attention.

He said,

“This life is just a pot of beans. Just less than an hour ago a police car drove into the hospital, said they found a baby in in a refuse dump crying so they decided to bring it to the hospital in the boot of their car.

“I met a baby in the trunk of the car wrapped in plastic bag with umbilical cord still attached to the placenta. I Quickly rushed the child to the neonatal wing of the general hospital Minna to begin resuscitations. Child was already very cold to touch; mind you it just rained.

“That means the baby has been in the dustbin in the bush under the rain…. wow! but baby girl is a fighter! We finish cleaning her up, and tried to get a brief statement from the brave unit of policemen who brought her in.

“Baby girl was still very cold; her body temperature was unrecordably low… but still very active.

Dr. Oris says the baby girl is doing fine and more updates will be shared with the public soon. Read the story as shared on his Twitter handle below.


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