Security operatives use knife, broken bottle to shave a #RevolutionNow protester’s hair (Photo)

Security operatives use knife, broken bottle to shave a #RevolutionNow protester's hair (Photo)
Shaved Protester's Hair in Abuja (Photo credit: SaharaReporters)

Report reaching us is that security operatives in Abuja shaved off the hair of one of the #RevolutionNow protester with a knife and broken bottle.

According to the victim’s statement, “the officers asked him to prostrate on the floor as one of the operative pulled out a knife and another took a broken bottle to cut off his dreadlocks and shave his entire hair.”

The young man said that the security operatives harassed him for wearing ‘brown hair’ saying that he is not a woman and not supposed to wear a brown hair.

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Another protester was also beaten and battered by the security operatives for partaking in the protest. According to him, he was flogged with iron and chain and kicked to the ground for no reason.

His statement read, “I was beaten by more than four soldiers and policemen. They slapped me several times and kicked me with boots. They also collected my phone and did not return it to me.

“It is unfortunate that this government does not accommodate civic space. There is no freedom of speech in Nigeria again.”


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