UK Parliament to debate sanctions against Buhari’s led administration on the #EndSARS campaign

UK Parliament have fixed November 23, 2020 to debate sanctions that will be melted out against the Buhari-led administration over the manner in which the #EndSARS protests was handled.

According to reports, the parliament will consider petitions from hundreds of thousands of Nigerians who have them to look into the killings and gross violations of human rights and abuses by security operatives and other officials. The petitions were filed online in October.

President Buhari has until now not hold any military or political personnel accountable since the killing of protesters by Nigerian soldiers on October 20 (#LekkiMassacre).

Yesterday, Buhari stated that he would never tolerate any protests of #EndSARS magnitude again as he has been defiant on the aftermath of protest.

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The Federal Government has also targeted hundreds of citizens who took part in the protests for arrest, intimidation, travel restrictions and freezing of bank accounts of alleged promoters of the protest.

However, both the military and civilian authorities have maintained no wrongdoing in the attacks. And the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has been on air denying his involvement in the Lekki shootings.

It was unclear whether the British lawmakers would recommend sanctions after debating the petitions, or if the government would implement them considering Nigeria’s long-standing ties with the UK.


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