WAHALA: Newly wed part ways at their wedding reception

A wedding guest, named Ngozi, has narrated a serious wahala that occurred at a wedding reception she attended yesterday, December 28. According to her, she’s a member of the bride’s family.

The couple parted ways at the reception because the groom was upset his people didn’t get food.

“Omo the wedding I attended today ended in PREMIUM TEARS. I have never witnessed such before wtf!!!

“Sooo the groom was angry they didn’t serve his people food. So the bride went to console him and calm him down next thing he shouted at her in front of everyone that she should get out from his sight.

“She left quietly and went to sit down, next thing he came to meet her and asked her if she is still going with him. Bride said she is not marrying again, groom said him too is not marrying.

“In conclusion bride and groom family clashed. Everyone parted ways including bride and groom.

“How will I tell people now that I’m actually part of the bride family”, she tweeted.




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