Obama: Republicans can’t stop Biden and Harris from being sworn in

Obama: Republicans can't stop Biden and Harris from being sworn in
Barack Obama, Former US President

Barack Obama has taken swipe at Donald Trump due to his adamant refusal to acknowledge Joe Biden as President-Elect, a courtesy Obama said other president’s had gotten.

The former US president recalled how he stayed up all night in 2016 and after Donald Trump won, called him to congratulate him as president-elect with a phone call. According to him, he was doing what other presidents did just as George W. Bush did during his historic win in 2008.

However, in an interview with Gayle King of CBS, Obama said that President Trump is damaging the US democracy with the way he’s eschewing what’s traditionally been a peaceful and cordial transfer of power.

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It’s clear that Trump’s refusal to concede and congratulate Joe Biden is clearly not going well with the Democrats.

Barack Obama clearly stated that the Republican party cannot stop Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from being sworn in as president and vice president come January 2021.


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